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DocuCan Release Notes


  • Search results now shows both tags and documents together so there is no need to switch between them. Tags are shown in alphabetical order in a single group.

  • Search box moved to be above the search results panel making it easier to locate.

  • Tags now show the counts in a more pleasing way.

  • Fixed a bug when renaming a cabinet using the cabinet editor dialog.

  • Fixed a bug when manually importing documents and using the auto tag option.

  • Various other bug fixes.



  • Fixed a bug that caused a ClassNotFoundException error to be reported when selecting some image files.



  • Emergency patch to fix internet connection to after server moves.



  • Application now opens in the center of the display and sized at 75% of the display area.

  • All dialogs are now centered on the display and are re-sizable.

  • The Not Tagged menu no longer turns red when documents exist with no tags. Instead a small box with the document count is now displayed.

  • Improvements to the search tag list entry box.

  • Lot's of new colour themes with the ability to choose different themes for the menu bar and main section.

  • Trial version now allows editing of the cabinet but not creation of new cabinets.

0.3.2 (Beta)

  • Rotate image. Images can be rotated through 90 degrees from the thumbnail or image viewer.

  • EXIF Data. Any EXIFdata that is contained within an image file is shown on the EXIF data tab.

  • Thumbnail images have been further optimised. Requires the thumbnails to be re-created which will result in an initial performance hit.

  • Fixed image scaling

  • Fixed image thumbnail zooming

  • Fixed handling of large fonts.

  • Fixed bugs around the creation of Cabinets.


0.3.1 (Beta)

  • Introduction of cabinets. Cabinets are used to segregate documents. For example you may wish to have a cabinet for your home related documents and a separate cabinet for your tax related documents. DocuCan allows you to do this with the use of unlimited cabinets.

  • Added support for the .jpeg extension.

  • Double click on a thumbnail will now open the document in the DocuCan viewer.

  • Fixed FileAlreadyExistsException during document import.

  • Fixed bugs that occurred after refreshing All Tags view.


0.3.0 (Beta)

  • New integrated help

  • Search results now additionally shows document types (file extensions) which can also be selected as part of a search

  • Fixed bug where tag selection for search stopped working after switching between tags and documents using Show Documents button

  • Fixed document count displayed in lower right corner


0.2.7 (Beta)

  • Fix issue for handling missing documents

  • Fix bug when closing new version dialog

  • Early stages of help system (if you can find it!)


0.2.6 (Beta)

  • Fixed bug that incorrectly reported an error when clicking Save As button.

  • Fixed bug that incorrectly reported an error when another instance of DocuCan already running.

  • Fixed issue where toolbar icons not displayed when viewing PDF document within DocuCan.

  • Upgrade to jre 8 Update 5.

  • Improved application start up time.

  • Introduced a basic splash screen.

  • Refactored installation process.

  • Handle corrupt image files.


0.2.5 (Beta)

  • License activation no longer causes a problem with Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit software.

  • Minor bug fixes.

  • Performance improvements


0.2.4 (Beta)

  • Increased size of the dialog that requests license key

  • Solved a 'deadlock' situation between creating the database and activating the license

  • If an error occurs while accessing the database display the error and re-prompt for the database location and allowing exit from application


0.2.3 (Beta)

  • Added button in All Tags view to delete all tags from database.

  • Upgraded jre to 1.7.0 Update 60.



0.2.2 (Beta)

  • Fixed java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: rtf/AdvancedRTFEditorKit



0.2.1 (Beta)

  • Increased the length of the document title allowed from 128 characters to 1024 characters.

  • Fixed bug where a title longer than the allowed length causes an application error.

  • Fixed a NullPointerException error during document import.




0.2.1 (Beta)

  • Full document view text buttons replaced with icon buttons

  • Added Quick Zoom which zooms into thumbnails to fit window height

  • Shortcut keys for thumbnail zoom:

            Ctrl-I to zoom in

            Ctrl-O to zoom out

            Ctrl-R to reset zoom

            Ctrl-Z to zoom full window height


0.2.0 (Beta)

  • Files of type .txt and .csv can now be imported and handled.

  • Auto tagging on document import based on folder and file names

  • New 'All Tags' view shows all tags in database with document count.

  • Tags that have no documents assigned are highlighted in yellow in the new 'All Tags' view.

  • Keywords have been renamed to tags.

  • Document description field renamed to notes.

  • When a document has no tags the tag suggestion box shows the last 10 tags used.

  • If there are more than 20 document thumbnails to display they are distributed across multiple pages.

  • Search box has been moved to the top.

  • Document attributes can be edited from any of the thumbnail views.

  • Documents can now be tagged from any of the thumbnail views.

  • Documents can be deleted, opened or exported from any of the thumbnail views.

  • Improved highlight when thumbnail is selected makes it easier to see.

  • Rename and delete tags wherever they are displayed via right click on tag.

  • Bug fixes.

  • Performance improvements.

  • Trial with up to 50 documents


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