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The DocuCan Story

---- The Start ----
Our founder, Gary, spent a long time and many internet searches looking for a simple and affordable document management solution that could be used at home. The requirements were simple - to import documents, tag them, and find them again easily and quickly when needed. No complex menus, no enterprise style features, no hidden options. But the search for such an app was fruitless.
Open source and cheap solutions were hard to use and the user interfaces not at all friendly, they didn't make document management easy at all.
Then there was the business and enterprise solutions, expensive and full of features not required for someone at home needing simple document management.
So Gary decided to take his many years of programming experience, and develop a solution for himself. Work started on DocuCan in September 2013.  As the application was developed, Gary was using it for his everyday needs and improved it to be the simple solution he was looking for.
---- Moving Forward ----
He realised that DocuCan could be an application that others might also find useful. So he started working on making DocuCan more robust and adding new features, eventually having the application ready for beta testing.
In May 2014 prepartions for the beta testing were made and registrations from testers received, with the first beta version of the app released in June 2014.
Feedback from the testers was very encouraging and development continued. With the tremendous help of the testers, issues were found and fixed and DocuCan became a more solid product. New features, also suggested by the beta testers, were also incorporated.
Throughout the development the aim always remained to keep DocuCan simple and easy to use for the home user, and at an affordable price.
---- The Future ----
We are not going to stop with DocuCan as it is now. We will continue to develop and improve it, adding new features. We will strive to create versions for Mac and Linux. We will add support for more document types. And we will keep it simple, easy to use and affordable.

"I would like to thank all the beta testers that helped shape DocuCan, who provided their time and invaluable feedback,



















it is truly appreciated" -


                  Gary Moore

                  Creator and founder

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