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Key Feature List

Simple and easy to use
No complex menus, no hidden options, just point and click.
Cabinets allow different categories of documents to be stored seperately, much like a filing cabinet. The number of cabinets that can be created is unlimited and each cabinet can have it's own colour theme.
Move documents between cabinets
Documents can be moved between cabinets. All tags assigned to the document will also be moved along with the document.
Easily identiy documents without tags
Documents without tags can be easily identified with the Not Tagged view.
Multi document support
PDF, Word, Excel, RTF, Text, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, HTML and EML.
MS Office is required to be installed for viewing MS Office documents.
View/Edit documents in app
Documents can be viewed and edited inside DocuCan without the need to launch the native app (excludes Excel documents).
TagClick interface
Our unique TagClick interface reduces the amount of typing required when searching or tagging documents. Click for demo.
Open documents in native application
Open documents with the system native app from within DocuCan
Easy searching with tag guidance and TagClick
Instant and fast results. DocuCan will guide you as to which tags are relevant to your search based on past document tag assignments. With TagClick, finding your documents is as simple as point and click
Image Files
Image files can be rotated in 90 degree steps.
EXIF data is displayed for image files.
Tag suggestions
When tagging documents, previously used tags are suggested based on past tagging. Combined with the TagClick interface, this improves the speed of tagging documents
Document Expiry
Documents can be set with an expire date. When the date is reached, they appear in the Expired view for easy review.
Import a single document, multiple documents, or a complete folder structure
Easily import documents and auto-tag them based on their file paths and file name.
In-built help
In application context help will make learning and becoming an expert in DocuCan quick and easy.
Watch folders
Use your familiar scanning software to scan to a watch folder and automatically import into DocuCan. Each cabinet has it's own watch folder.
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